What's Soaps Favorite Sport....? Bath-Sket-Ball!

Why is everything out of stock?!?

2023 has been a HUGE year for changes. As we approach 2024, we're focusing our energy on many changes that will improve our lives for the better! Ashindigo will act less like an online business, and will transition back into a love of crafting! Does this mean we're washing away everything we've built? Absolutely not! Making handmade high-quality bath products adds sparkle to our lives and we will never stop! We will be embracing more of the creative aspects that brought us this passion in the first place!

What does this mean for you...?!? You will see us at many local vendor events and we will have more vibrant and exciting limited-edition options to choose from than ever before! Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see where we will be in the future! If you have specific items your heart is set on or you want to place a custom order - please email or message us and we will be happy to work with you! Our links are all in the bottom of this web page. Thank you all for your support on this journey and we can't wait to show you what's next!

We might even "pop" up again before you know it!


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What Is Ashindigo?
Bar soaps made with eucalyptus essential oil and designed with wavy layers in a blueish green ombre pattern


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This soap is incredible! The lather is great, and I've found that it works great for shaving too. I used to use body wash but I haven't touched any since I've started using these soaps. I always leave the shower feeling super clean!

Makenna L.

First of all they look really cool! Each kind has unique colors and accents. The scents last clear to the end of the bars. My favorite is Red Hot Cinnamon. Kind of a thing for me now, I actually look forward to my morning shower.

Scott S.

They smell great and look even better than they smell. I like to get a bunch at once and display them in my bathroom until they're used because helloooo aesthetic! Earl Grey has to be my favorite all time soap now!